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Hold my heart and see that it bleeds.

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25 July 1990
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This is to be viewed by me and my friends only. I write extremely personal stuff that I will only allow my close lj friends to read. If you're daring, you'd try your luck. I definitely wont add you if a) you go to my school b) are someone i know outside livejournal c) just dont look like the person I'd friend. Thankyoucomeagain.

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I hate those who sit with other people just so they dont seem like a loner; cut/hurt themselves to feel good when they're depressed; needs a guy to make them happy; can't think for themselves; stare; were depressed until a guy/girl came along; can't be seen alone or go anywhere alone; wear lots of make up; can't see the bigger picture; don't have faith; do ridiculous things; want to lose weight to impress others; don't know what the right thing to do; are too negative/senseless; are only friendly to pretty girls/guys; have the brains but dont use it;

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I want someone who likes me for me and me only; lets me be me, whoever that is; has a good taste/style; doesnt state the obvious; doesn't comment on my appearance (cause thats the one thing i get hurt by most); knows who he is; knows what he wants; stands up for what he believes in; knows how to take care of himself; has a priority; puts others before him but also thinks about himself; doesn't put me on the spot; doesn't do bad things such as chew gum, drink caffine, smoke, get drunk & high etc; acts and looks cheeky but isnt;

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I love my baybie boy. M.X3.2.U

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